The beauty that stood in front of the way was with great responsibilities,

Pápá and Màmá never hesitated to exchanging pleasantries with intense dexterities,

I grew in better health,

Pápá was living in depth of debt,

The victor kept draining water of torment, which lead to Pápá’s death. Continue reading



The sheath of the kitchen was your abode, 

And the smokes from it, strengthens your goals, 

Your voice is a symphony of melodious tune in one tone, 

And on your shoulders lay the glory of the prestigious African home. Continue reading WOMAN OF VALOUR 

The 21st generation (A good eyes with no insight) 

The chronicle of stupidity has unravelled itself, how can beggars have association and mad men are officially greeting themselves, who is deceiving who? The number of hooligans cannot be counted, I do not know their duties, they economise the truth, claiming they are government workers. The expressionless face of teachers magnified education tragedy. Teachers flared in anger that was never fully understood which lead to tragic discomfort just to maintain the glow of their honesty and innocent, yet the Government were swollen in silence. Continue reading The 21st generation (A good eyes with no insight) 


The greatest joy is to wait for the time you will stay in front of every-one with pride, by lifting up your hands and taking another steps to romancing your beautiful perfected swollen belly and give  a golden glowing voice that (paused) ~I’M EVERY WOMAN~.  Continue reading I’M EVERY WOMAN